Our website is dedicated to standing up for the little guy. Truth be told, as far as online casinos are concerned, we are all the little guy. One of the ways we protect gamblers is to create a help line and forum where players can air their grievances on how they have been treated in the online casinos they have played at.

We are not affiliated to any casino this is why we take the subject of fair play seriously. We therefore use this medium to encourage all players who have complaints against any casino to email us here for thorough investigation. We have required steps by which problems will be solved. We know most casinos try to adhere to the rules and your complaints will most likely be resolved.

For players who have had experiences in casinos different from our reviews, please feel encouraged to write to us here.

We also have a casino scam alert page created for players. This page was created to prevent the spawning and increase of dubious casinos in the online space. We use this honest opportunity to inform our readers and visitors to report any casino without a gambling license to us.

We are a member of eCOGRA which is determined to stamp out the menace of scam casino and at the same time sanitize the casino gambling industry. It is our duty as players to play safe and stay safe. Players who have encountered such an online casino should report to us here.