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We are a team of individuals with years of experience touring this industry before we came together to give others like us the opportunity to have the most helpful reviews one can get. The online casino industry is one that has fascinated us since the dot com era.

We have watched with fascination the way this industry had grown from the back of a garage to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. Online casinos have grown to a maze which the average gambler can get lost in without having a pleasant story to tell.

Once upon a time there were just a few casinos online with a maximum of 10 games in total, but now we have more than 5000 casinos with more than fifty games produced every single month. This has made it absolutely necessary for us to come out to the aid of the average gambler who has unique needs which cannot be met by the average review site.

We take our time to go deep into what makes an online casino standout. Our experience together with the UK online casinos at GambleGenie spans several years which have been spent playing all the types of casino games that has ever been made. While we still do a lot of playing today, the focus of our plays has changed drastically. Before, we would play for the fun and Thrill – now we do it for you.

The addiction online casinos bring to us every single time. The chance to make some good money doing the things we loved. But because the online landscape has changed, we now do it for a different purpose. We do it for those who would want the best casinos where they could play their favourite games and at the same time feel safe.

We do it for those who need a selection of casinos with the biggest Jackpots so they can realize their dreams. We do it for those who just want to have fun.

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